Hand-made sensory textiles that can be given to someone living with dementia to amuse, occupy and distract them, and provide ‘in the moment’ fun.

Hand i Pocket project is an international collaboration with University of Technology Sydney. Hand i Pocket ‘funshops’ are opportunities for members of the general public to come together to make sensory textile pockets for people with late stage dementia. Events are supported by dementia charities (Alzheimer’s Society and Age Cymru) who provide counsellors and literature to foster greater understanding of the disease and stimulate awareness of the dementia support services available to the public in the community.

More information about recent Hand i Pocket events can be found on our news page.

3 hand i pockets

Funshop participants are encouraged to create simple personalised sensory textile pockets to give to people living with the later stages of the disease. The idea behind making a sensory pocket developed from the joy experienced from finding unusual things, textures and surfaces in a garment pocket and their usefulness for storing and safe keeping, personally significant objects.

Simple sensory textiles have been found to encourage playful activity for people with limited mobility and dexterity and can help stimulate conversation with carers when verbal communication is difficult.

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