Workshop 5, February 8th 2017

The fifth workshop developed and refined design concepts for the LAUGH research project.

For the fifth LAUGH workshop, the team hosted a creative event at PDR, Cardiff Met Uni.  The event was organised to develop and refine initial concepts for playful objects to assist in the care of people living with advanced dementia.

During the Design Tech workshop, participants formed small groups to develop early-stage design ideas that have been informed by our research so far.  These groups consisted of designers, people with technical expertise as well dementia experts who could advise on the needs and desires of people living with advanced dementia.  Designing specifically for six people living with advanced dementia, who the LAUGH team had met when visiting partner residential care homes, workshop participants explored and developed new ideas.  These ideas will be refined and prototyped over the coming months by the LAUGH team.

Here is a video (6 mins) about the workshop.